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Order Form - 2017

[New Zealand only]

We regret we are now SOLD OUT for this season, but customers
may leave an email address, via our CONTACT PAGE, for early orders February 2018

J. Preston, 120 Jocelyn Road,
R.D.2, Cromwell
Phone/Fax 03-445 1520

(PRINT & POST to above address with cheque
or EMAIL ORDER & I will send you my bank details)


Delivery Address:

Telephone & E-mail:
Plant Name C=Colour H=Height F=Flowering Quantity Cost Subtotal
Allium caesium C: Blue H: 30cm F: Jan [ SOLD OUT FOR THIS SEASON ] ________ $10.00 ________
Allium cernuum C: Cerise H: 30cm ________ $5.00 ________
Allium 'Globe Sensation' C: Purple H: 50cm F: Dec [ SOLD OUT FOR THIS SEASON ] ________ $12.00 ________
Allium moly C: Yellow H: 25cm F: Nov ________ $3.00 ________
Allium 'Purple Haze' C: Purple H: 60cm F: Nov [ SOLD OUT FOR THIS SEASON ] ________ $3.00 ________
Allium rosenbachianum C: Purple H: 90cm F: Dec [ SOLD OUT FOR THIS SEASON ] ________ $15.00 ________
Allium sphaerocephalon C: Mauve H: 80cm F: Jan [Small bulbs] ________ $2.00 ________
Allium unifolium C: Pink H: 40cm F: Nov ________ $3.00 ________
Eremurus robustus C: Pink H: 2m F: Nov ________ $15.00 ________
Eremurus Ruiter hybrid C: White H: 1.2m F: Dec ________ $15.00 ________
Eremurus Shelford hybrid C: Apricot H: 1.1m F: Dec ________ $15.00 ________
Hermodactylus tuberosus C:Green/Black H: 25cm F: Sept ________ $5.00 ________
Ornithogalum arcuatum C: White H: 90cm F: Dec ________ $5.00 ________
Ornithogalum pyrenaicum C: Green H: 70cm F: Dec ________ $5.00 ________
Triteleia laxa C: Blue H: 30cm F: Dec ________ $2.00 ________
Trillium chloropetalum C: Cream H: 50cm F: Oct ________ $15.00 ________
Trillium chloropetalum C: Wine Red H: 50cm F: Oct ________ $15.00 ________
[All orders : Pack & Post $10] P&P $10
Grand Total

Quality & Consistency

All plants are grown by Jane Preston of Bannockburn Floriculture.

Planting of bulbs is recommended at twice the depth of the bulb itself.

Eremurus and Trillium corms to be planted so the bud is just showing.

I do my best to ensure the bulbs and corms are of high quality and of flowering size. All are fungicide dipped.

I offer grower assistance and advice by phone, fax or e-mail.


Last orders taken, end of April 2017. Deliveries sent from February to end April. Prices include G.S.T. Please enclose payment with your order, or if paying by direct bank transfer, please contact me for my bank account number.